The advantages of a clear bong: why you should nice and clean your bong regularly

If you’re an ordinary tobacco smoker, there’s a single machine you can’t go without your bong. Regardless of whether you want glass, acrylic, or earthenware, your bong is important for air conditioning and filtering light up gravity bong before you decide to suck in.

But as with all other using tobacco accent, bongs require normal cleaning up to prevent buildup and make certain optimal overall performance. Listed here are four reasons you need to always bear in mind to clean your bong.

Will keep the taste Fresh

No-one wants the flavor of stagnant light up, as well as a unclean bong is definitely the quantity-one particular culprit of off-placing tastes. Once the resin along with other deposits increase within your bong, it could provide a horrible preference in your herb—regardless of how higher-top quality it may be. Cleaning your bong frequently will assist ensure that you always benefit from the accurate flavoring of the smoke cigarettes.

Removes Unwanted Organisms

As well as impacting flavor, residue with your bong may also harbour harmful microorganisms. When water sits in a bong for prolonged times, it becomes the perfect reproduction soil for all kinds of microbes—some of that may be unhealthy for your state of health. Normal cleaning can help prevent the expansion of bacteria and keep your cigarette smoking experience as secure as you can.

Maximizes Your Smokes Level of smoothness

Resin along with other residues not merely have an effect on taste, however they can also make light up harsher and a lot more aggravating to the tonsils and lungs. Cleaning up your bong routinely will help ensure that every hit is easy and satisfying. Therefore, learn how to clean a bong.

Improves Productivity

A dirty bong is an ineffective bong—plain and straightforward. Resin buildup can limit air flow to make it difficult to have a great hit through your bowl. By keeping your bong clean, you’ll ensure that every hit is solid and satisfying.


Just like any typical tobacco user knows, a bong is a vital item of equipment. But what a lot of people who smoke don’t realize is the fact bongs demand typical cleaning up to prevent accumulation and sustain optimum functionality. Allow me to share four motives why you need to always bear in mind to wash your bong: clean taste, risk-free using tobacco, easy reaches, and improved productivity. So next time you grab your best bit, require a min to give it an excellent scrub—your lung area will thank you!